16 Delicious work

Today’s picture is Maribel cosplaying by Unagi Sango

Marcel-san listened to Mitsuha’s words, “we will have a tasting party tonight. Please come with 4 people including yourself, also including those who have the right to decide. Oh, and please come hungry.” and returned home. While properly remembering to take the knife and other things.

According to Marcel’s story, the person who’s debuting is of course the protagonist of the unveiling party, first is simply introducing ‘This girl has gone up to the stage of being a marriage partner candidate as well’ and then afterward it seems there is mainly about exchanges between nobles. The protagonist will have exchanges among children, and adults are going to talk about “adults things”.
Therefore, without the feature in the program, debut party’s good and bad is about: “50% the food, 20% the dress, 20% the person herself, and 10% other.” Mhm, cooking is a big responsibility.

Mitsuha quickly teleported when Marcel left. And she goes out as soon as she changes clothes. The destination is Mi-chan’s, a childhood friend from Mitsuha’s kindergarten, house the liquor store. Though Mi-chan herself is absent from attending a college in the city, the goal today isn’t seeing Mi-chan. Arriving at Mi-chan’s house, Mitsuha shouted loudly at the front door.
“Excuse me~!“
No, not in my mind this time, I don’t care if I really shout. Because I’ve been doing it since I was in kindergarten so people in the house and the neighbors are used to it.

As usual, Mi-chan’s dad came out.
“Michiko isn’t here”
Mhm, I know.
“No, I’m here to see uncle today”
“Oh, I’m glad. So, what is it?”
“Please sell me liquor”

Eventually, I somehow managed to persuade the reluctant uncle and succeeded in obtaining the liquor. I’ll have him deliver it to my house later.
The content of my persuasion? It seems that I can get a job directing a foreigner’s party, I needed a sample of cooking and liquor, so, I just mostly said the truth. No, uncle is good at finding lies. Maybe whispering, it would have be a big purchase If it goes well, worked. No, I’m not drinking it, really.

Next, I purchased food that doesn’t deteriorate so easily, namely retorts, canned foods, and fruits. I also bought ice cream and sent it to the refrigerator. When it’s evening I’ll get the side dishes.
I reserved a sushi bar. And ask the chef at a familiar France restaurant to advance order some takeout soups and dishes.
Ok, until later on buying the side dishes and collecting the ordered items, let’s idle around at home for the first time in a while?

I opened the door and greeted, as planned, there are four people with Marcel leading.
Two are the viscount and his wife. The other one is a woman in her late twenties, she’s Marcel’s subordinate and seems to be the cook who serves as the second. Female cooks seem to be rare, but as second in a noble’s kitchen, she must be a capable woman.
After guiding everyone to seats in the kitchen is the greetings.

“Thank you for coming today, I’m the owner of the General Store Mitsuha, Mitsuha Yamano”
There is no self-introduction from the visitor’s side. This is only an informal dinner party. Marcel just came to a familiar store with his friends. No one here knows any noble’s weaknesses or the problems they have. The real matter is only for if the conversation advances to the next stage.
Ah, I know they were Mr. and Mrs. Viscount when I saw their clothes. Marcel secretly taught me about women.

“I have prepared tastes from a variety of dishes today. Therefore, unlike a full course meal, they won’t be ordered into a sequence. Generally speaking, I will serve various things. Because each is a small amount, I apologized that only one dish of each will be served. Please share the serving dishes. Just taste, please do not try to forcefully eat them all. You won’t be able to eat the rest”
Four people silently nodded.
Now, should we get started?

“This is Consommé soup”

Image result for コンソメスープ  フランス料理
As expected the soup is served individually.
The soup shines in golden color. It’s cooked with all of a french restaurant chef’s might.
The expression of four people changed the moment they smelled the fragrance. Drinking a bite, they enjoy the depth of the taste with an ecstatic look.
No one says a word.
The hand that moves the spoon doesn’t seem to stop.

“I will present more and more dishes so please feel free to try them”
And dishes are carried out one after another.
French, Chinese, Japanese, stateless, etc….
If talking about things from proper stores, there’s grocery from the supermarket, retort and canned, whatever. Both delicious things and rare thing are covered. Of course, there’s also fish dishes and sushi.
And for liquor. Beer, wine, whiskey, brandy, sake. Still, pass on Shochu and bottled cocktail. I didn’t forget the advice about being careful with strong alcohol.

I thought they would throw questions at me, but everyone only drank and ate silently. You could say it’s anticlimactic or creepy….
After that, maybe because their stomachs swelled considerably, their eating speed decreased and the frequent asked questions began to appear.

“…This is not food and liquor from this country, is it?”
Whoo, a straight(fastball) from viscount-sama right at the beginning!
Yes, they’re from my country of origin and the surrounding countries.
“Did you cook them?”
Yes, they are pouring in!
“It’s from my country”
Mhm, there is no lie.
“And who are you?”
“I am now a person of this country and I am living here peacefully. This time there’s only a sample, I asked for the impossible and was able to get this one time only arrangement”

“B, but then the matter about you teaching me this dish!”
Marcel-san’s heartbreaking voice. Mhm, there’s no point then.
“I can prepare the recipe. Practice it over and over again to get it to taste like this. For now, completely memorize the taste of the completed form.
Marcel and his female subordinate’s faces cramp.

“What about the materials? Especially, like fish. Like, would you tell me things such as how you’re carrying them?”
Ah~, that’s right.
“Please leave it to me. There’s ‘General Store Mitsuha’ for that since there’s a consultation corner where you can rely on for anything, from love affairs to territorial management.
This time we will undertake this task in the form of support towards a solution to a consultation request rather than the sale of goods. Of course, the necessary expenses will be separately charged”

“Fu, hahaha, hahahahaha!”
The viscount began to laugh.
“Mitsuha-dono, I’d like to make a contract with you by all means. The contract pertains to the offering cooking ingredients and cooking instruction, so then I ask of you”
Mhm, I seem to have passed. No, of course. Didn’t I already arrive at victory at the chef’s soup stage? Now I can make a fortune. But…….

“But I refuse!”

At the words of Mitsuha, the viscount who was laughing froze with wide mouth open.

“No, no, I do not mind taking over the cooking. Simply, only that isn’t fun, so”
“What do you have in mind?”
“The dress and the performance instruction, can not you leave it all to me? To this me who was called “Kurenai ken’nyou” during elementary school!”
“Performance instruction?”
(tl note: くれない検尿(Kurenai ken’nyou) used here isn’t Crimson Goddess, but crimson urine test. The former is a reference to Glass Mask but I’m not sure what the latter means.)

After a long discussion, it was decided that the majority of the party will be entrusted to me with various conditions such as being sure to make frequent reports, explanations of all the contents, and performing rehearsals. Well, of course, for such an important event things like leaving everything to others or performing without rehearsals is impossible​ right. If the client is such a fool, I wouldn’t have ever taken the job.

After that, at Marcel and his female subordinate ‘s desperate petition, I teleport from another room to the house for a moment​ and brought back a lot of nylon bags. They want to bring home leftovers….
Mhm, eat it before it spoils. If that happens, with that in mind I’ll go buy several different ones again. And you don’t need to be able to make them all. It’s not like we won’t serve normal cooking​ from this country, and I’ll bring over things like the desserts. You just need to select a few that have some kind of impact… eh, you didn’t hear that, is that so?

Viscount brought back all the leftover liquor. I also received an additional order. I will ask Mi-chan’s father for more and report the massive order’s confirmation on the way.
Mhm, since it’s never permitted for a noble party to fall into a state that “food and drink are scarce”, so they say the actual required amount is quite a lot more. It’s going to be an amazing amount sold. Please increase Mi-chan’s allowance to a little.

And, while thinking that they’ll finally return, the viscount’s wife firmly grasp my shoulder with a scary face.
Ah, about the shampoo and body shampoo, is that so?
Saying that it was a luxury item for nobles, another shampoo and rinse are sold. I got pretty good.(かなりボった)
No, to make them easier for commoner girls to buy, essential items for girls have their profit margin​ lowered. Because the exchange rate is four times Japan’s, in other words, if the amount is 1,000 yen it would be equal to being worth 4,000 yen or 4 silver coins according to the sense of value here. It should be fine to sell it high to the nobility to supplement that amount. People of nobility too would like it better if it’s not same as something for commoners but a luxury product for nobles to use. Mhm, everyone can be happy.

Eh, didn’t you sell shampoo to commoners for 8 silver coins?
It’s not like that, we follow high prices low sales, 10 or 20 times is the norm okay​. Like 2 to 3 times…….
Eh, the soap suppliers will be crushed? No, I don’t sell soap. Only shampoo and body shampoo. Flabby soap can survive in doing laundry​, hand washing, face washing and so on..
And, the happiness of women around the world is more important than the soap business’ owners’ profit. Let’s think with common sense, with common sense…….
(tl note: common sense-chan is screaming somewhere in her basement)

From the next day on, I was busy in Japan.
At the tailor shop that the fujoshi store manager who had made my dress for the match runs. At a considerable age she cosplay ahem, now not just for herself but for other young ahem, she takes orders of clothes for other girls to wear. No, in the intervals of her business of course. Well, in the first place it’s a person who while expanding her costume making became a professional and brought a store, which is her main…. However, it seems that she earns quite a bit.
When I showed up and thank her saying that the dress was very useful and that I got the backer, she was very pleased. So, for the next contract. Viscount Liner’s daughter, Adelaide-chan’s dress set. When I explained, ‘it’s a dress for a foreign noble young lady on their debutante’, I was hugged.
(tl note: I’m adding quotation marks because it gets confusing from here on.)

“W, www, what a great honor! What a bliss​!!”
By promising to take a picture of the party, I got it pretty cheap. Also, “the person’s body measurements and I want to meet if possible.” Something like when you meet them personally you can imagine a dress suitable for that girl’s aura. No, is it really only for that? You don’t have an ulterior motive, do you?
And, “if possible I want to see the dresses of that country.” Well, it is difficult if you do not understand the standard. Let’s think of something.
As the result of the discussion​, 3 dresses will be made. I also went with getting advice on directing.
T, that’s right…(そ, そう来るか) Then, I’ll also ask you to prepare the swords. Of course, impossible to use imitations.

At a home electronics mass retail store. I wonder if they still sold that. Ah, for order? Then please.
LED bulbs, cables, various others…
Batteries, I’ll be back at a later date for them. movie camera, wireless speaker, spotlight….
No, I’m not acting rash? Failure is not permitted so I’m being excessively prepared just in case. Look, it’s the same as preparing many times over the amount of food and drinks. It’s a noble formula.(貴族式だよ)

Money is quickly decreasing again. When this work is over, there will be payment! For the time being, rather than the saving hole let’s ask the captain to exchange the Japanese yen I’m accustomed to using to the amount in dollars and make an overseas deposit…
Once I finish complementing the upfront investments, it’s savings hole’s turn.(先行投資分を補完し終えたら)

“Then, I will take care of ojou-sama”
Escorting Adelaide-chan to the carriage.
In the carriage are Adelaide-chan, Mitsuha, and two escorts. It is heading out to the base, General Store Mitsuha.

Because the shop is close to the noble district, they soon arrived. The wagon is in front of the shop, and the two escorts take a rest at the table on the first floor. It’s Adelaide-chan’s body measurements so they can’t argue against prohibiting boys. Well, it doesn’t matter because they won’t come out of the building. No matter how they looked at it, Mitsuha doesn’t seem able win against Adelaide-chan bare handed.

I bring out some drinks for the escorts and led Adelaide-chan to the second floor. Before entering the room I had Adelaide-chan wear a blindfold. She thought it was strange, but I gloss over it​ by saying something reasonable like it’s a magic charm.
And then, teleports at the moment of entering the room.
This is the fujoshi’s tailor shop.

“Kitakitakita ~!”(She’s here she’s here she’s here~!)
Manager, High tension(Haitenshon). Hey store manager(Hai tenchou), no, nothing.
I take Adelaide-chan’s blindfolded off.
“A super beautiful girl’s here!”
No, that’s enough….
Adelaide-chan thinks that here is the inside of a room in the shop, so that surprised face is against this annoying creature right, probably.
(tn note: Totally not the switch from natural to artificial lights or how the inside is bigger than the outside)

“Please measure quickly. If you work rudely on a noble ojou-sama, heads will fly. No, it’s not a metaphorical expression, physically, really”
Even the fujoshi manager is scared from that, she measures seriously. Then, she talked a little with Mitsuha interpreting. Adelaide-chan is in the state of “???”, but the store manager is in perfect condition. She was completely satisfied at the end of their introduction​.

On the way back, Mitsuha gave the manager a memory stick. Photographs starting with the clothes Adelaide-chan and Amalia-san own, to the dresses exhibited at noble clothing stores in town, to the dress Adelaide-chan’s friend who finished her debutante ahead of her wear. I don’t feel bad because they said that it’s a nice dress so they certainly wish to show it to me. Because they happily showed me, I casually took pictures. In the middle are some friends who went out of their way to wear them to show me, the manager who opened the images later went crazy.(中にはわざわざ着て見せてくれた友人もおり)

In the same way as we came, we returned to the second-floor passage. On the 1st floor, Adelaide-chan pesters me to guide her around the store, super bitten the bite. I had no choice but to give some accessories. I charge them as expenses.
When taking out a short cake from the refrigerator to entertain them, she bites again.
Ah, although the cake was delicious, you are concerned about the refrigerator, is that so?
It’s a magical box, so don’t tell anyone. Ah, the guards are glaring, is that so?
For now, I plan to bribe them by sharing the shortcake, extent of the effect is unknown.(ショートケーキをお裾分けして買収を計ったが)

Every day Mitsuha stays at the viscount Liner’s home during the daytime. Not in the guest room. In the kitchen.
No, she did gave a variety of recipe books and so on, but only obviously Mitsuha can read them. So, everyone in the kitchen notes what Mitsuha reads. Mitsuha is also a good cook, she can manage most dishes if she has a cookbook, she also knows the basics and tricks of modern cuisine. It’s obvious that she would be asked to give uninterrupted guidance.

Out of Earth’s cooking, Marcel-san selected a few things used for parties that are easy to mass produce, delicious and impactful; and continues practicing.
Although they make small amounts at a time to practice, the world of the cooking is actually not one where if you need to make 100 times something, you can simply multiply the quantity by 100. Duration of the fire, the manner to mix, entanglement of the ingredients, etc., each condition changes. But the cooks get over that. To do that, they had to “remember with the body” rather than memorizing the recipe.
……This troublesome.

Beginning with Marcel, everyone in the kitchen came to call me “shishou(master)” before I knew it.
……… It’s cool, isn’t it?

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  1. Um, involving items that use electricity is definitely going passed the line she drew for herself. I think she may have the standard MC problem with common sense…

    I wonder if that shop had windows. If not, that would be very strange. If so, then I also have to wonder what Adelaide saw when she looked out of them.


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