44 Informal Conference 2

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“Well then, let’s get to the main topic. First of all, you all want to have diplomatic relations with us, so why are you asking me such a thing?”


The participants don’t understand what Mitsuha is saying.

“Although I was originally in a suitable position in a certain country, now I have left that country and am in the care of another country. And there I was granted land and I now manage a small territory.

In other words, I’m only free to do at my discretion things concerning my own territory, and it won’t be possible to negotiate with other countries, conclude treaties, or bring troops into the country without the permission of the king”

Representatives from the different countries who thought Mitsuha was a princess of a country were surprised.

“But, during the fight with the Demon army…….”

“At that time, I did not have time to spare, so I use my former position to lead a volunteer army with the heroes from this world. The bounty was the volunteer army’s reward. I am only a regional lord now.”

“T, then, diplomacy is … ….”

“Yes, there is no such authority within regional lords, and we cannot invite other people to the country without permission”

Mitsuha answers the representatives’ questions one after another.

And, the delegates from each country were confused because what Mitsuha said was very different from what they thought.

“Then, you simply need to act as an intermediary with the king…”

“What will you need an intermediary for?”

“Of course naturally, for offering diplomatic intercourse, dispatch of envoys, talks of trade……”



The representatives look blankly at Mitsuha who asked that question.

“No, I was asking how will you dispatch your envoys and trade?”


“Do you have many people with the ability to teleport world-to-world in your countries, great people who don’t need to shave off their lives to teleport things other than themselves unlike like me?”


The strategy meeting room falls silent.

“Eh, did everyone here intend to have me carry them all?

I would die right away if such a thing is done. What do you plan on doing after that?”

“” “………” “”

“Um, are there others with that ability…….”

“This ability of mine was gifted to me accidentally by a wandering god that happened to pass through my world, I am the only one in my world, and it is not something that can be taught to others.”

Mitsuha returns a hopeless answer to the questions of the people present.

“U, um, then this …”

The representative of a small country tries to return the travel ticket after learning that teleporting while accompanying others will shorten Mitsuha’s lifespan. Apparently, it seems that the representative of this country isn’t an agent. This person is too nice.

“Oh, that’s okay …If it’s the cost of carrying a person, that’ll recover over time… The ship has enough value to worth shaving off some vitality.”

The representative of a certain country that stands up upon hearing this.

“Then, we want to be guided to the princess’s home country! As a person from the home country of the hero, I want our countries to be joined with greetings and ceremonies of friendship!!”

Ignoring the dumbfounded looks from every direction that asks, “what ridiculous things does he have to say now?”, the representative of a certain country argues further.

“For the future of your home country and for our Russia!”

“Russia? Is that the name of your country?”

To Mitsuha’s question, the representative thinks, “Oh, I had not said my country’s name until now.” When you are engaged in intelligence-base work, it becomes a habit to not state your name or your country’s name as much as possible.

“Yes, I apologize for the delay, but my motherland is the Russian Federation!”


Mitsuha is surprised.

A certain country’s representative has a puzzled expression seeing upon seeing Mitsuha’s state.

“You have deceived me! The homeland of hero Ivanov is not a country with that name!”

At Mitsuha’s sudden anger, “Eh?”, a certain country’s representative was surprised.

“The name of the homeland of hero Ivanov is the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republic’!”

“Ah”, and the representative begins to relax.

“That is the former name of our country, only the name of the country has changed”

“Huh? Is it not that another country had invaded, or that it has been usurped in a civil war?”

“No, Russia was our country’s original name, it merged with other countries under the Soviet name, and returned to its original name once more, except for the country name everything remains the same.”

Mitsuha makes a relieved face after that explanation.

“Is that so? The hero was certainly from within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, in a region named something like Kuraina, but now it is Kuraina of the Russian Federation is it not…….”

Bufuuu ~ ~ ~! !

The sound of people bursting into laughter can be heard all over the strategy conference room.

Ukraine ……

Crimea invasion ……

Whispers were being murmured here and there.

Mitsuha asked one of them with a dubious face.

“What is the matter? Please explain what you are talking about!”

The nominated man desperately endured his laughter and explained.

“No, um, Ukraine is a country that has been suffering from cruel experiences with Russia since long ago, such as the massacre of their people…… Recently, they have been invaded by the region called Crimea which is why the conflict is continuing in the country even now.”

“Said too much”, a certain country’s representative scowls.

Mitsuha looks at him with cold eyes.

Of course, she knew about Ukraine.

“You deceived me…….”

“N, no, that’s not………”

With this, everything this certain country says can be ignored from now on.

At any rate, he tried to deceive the princess and is an enemy of the hero’s home country.

A reason for completely ignoring or crushing the cries of the one who seems the most persistent from meddling one way or another in the future is created. (今後も何かとちょっかいをかけて来そうなところを潰し) The plan seems to have worked well.

“That is why even if you ask for diplomatic relations…

I cannot carry large amounts of items to trade, and even for earning money with small items, since I know the market price of this world, I won’t let things like trading a disposable lighter for a gold coin happen.

In the first place, grains equivalent to small and poor quality wheat, a small amount of seafood, animal meat that is not known whether it would pass this world’s sanitary standards, things from the world over there will have no demand in this world. Besides, I do not intend to carry over an endless number of things from this world and crush the economic activities and industries there or let a lot of gold and jewelry drain away. That won’t be a trade in the first place.

I do not know when I would get into an accident or get sick, and I have no intention of taking on the serious responsibility of being an intermediary between countries or act as a substitute for a horse.

So, everyone, what do you want me to do specifically? Something that won’t disadvantage me and my world’s countries?”

The conference room becomes noisy, but there’s no particular remark.

Among them, one of the representatives of a small country raised his hands and asked for permission to speak.

“Um, can you not take samples of minerals or living things…”

The others too went, “yes, that’s it”, their eyes shining.

Unknown creatures and undiscovered metals. What riches will they bring forth… Various discoveries are still being made from the dragon materials even now.

“Oh, if it is that much… Yes, you’re right, then I will deliver samples to your country and the country where I have received the ships. If any discoveries become known, please share them with us.”(何か発見があれば、うちにも還元して下さいね)

“O, of course!”

Representatives of the 2 countries are delighted. “Eeeh”, and the other country representatives are shocked.

“Wait a moment, handling of living things requires high technological power! You need a major nation with flawless management and epidemic prevention readiness to regulate things like unknown germs and parasites!”

“Oh, that is fine, since I make sure harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and the like are not teleported during the teleportation, if you can prevent them from escaping and breeding in the natural world…….”

Mitsuha careless told the desperately arguing US representative.

Yes, this was the reason that Mitsuha can teleport without worrying about bringing along pathogenic bacteria. It was reliably contained in the teleportation ability explanation that “it” pushed into Mitsuha’s head.


The meeting room is stunned again.

Mitsuha didn’t realize the significance of what she just said.

And among the representatives, a gentle elderly man stood up. This man is also not likely a person in the intelligence field. Maybe from the foreign affairs field…

“Princess, that, supposing, if, death. Cancer after a year, I have been told, um, when being moved by teleporting, what will happen if say “the cancer cells are left behind” during teleportation… ” (その、もし、もしも、ですな。癌であと1年、と言われております私がですな)


I never thought about it.

What if I teleport a sick person? Leaving behind pathogens.

(Ah, if only I knew when Marguerite-chan was……)

Mitsuha holds her head.

And the conference room is wrapped in a strange silence.

Mutter, mutter, mutter………

(This is bad! If this information spreads, it’ll be serious……)

As expected Mitsuha has also realized. This ridiculous secondary effect of her teleportation.

I have to somehow keep them from talking.

But, the spies from all over the world gathered here of all people?

“L, let’s give it a try then…….”

Mitsuha said with a trembling voice.

She invites the man and teleports deep in the mountains in the other world. Then, teleports again while being conscious of “not carrying cancer cells” to return.

“Bechari”, small amounts of blood and cell mass falls on the spot where the 2 disappeared.

The reason why she didn’t do it at the first teleportation is, of course, because the room would get dirty.

Mitsuha and the man who disappeared just moments ago stands as if nothing had happened.

The conference room is still silent.

“……My body feels light”

It might be the placebo effect. It’s unknown if it’s true without an examination, but everyone thought the cancer cells might be gone.

“E, everyone!”

Mitsuha raises her voice in a hurry.

“Nothing happens, is that clear, nothing happened, nobody saw anything.”

Sweat dripping.

“I forbid you all from disclosing anything about this matter alone. To your superiors and people even higher up.

If a high ranking person from some country makes some kind of approach about this matter, that country will be prohibited from having any technology or information related to the other world made available by the other countries. If violated, the same penalty will be carried out on the providing country. Things developed from the dragon research too, everything. Of course, contact with me is completely prohibited. Any country that tried to mediate for them even a little will face a similar penalty. However……… ”

Taking in a breath.

“If the secret is protected, I promise the same medical treatment as just now only for those who are here and their families; their wives, and children if the need arises.

However, if the secret leaks, this promise will be invalid for everyone. Because the need for keeping silent will be lost if exposed. And, the people here and their families; government officials, information officials, and their relatives hereafter will no longer receive any treatment.”

After thinking for a while, she further added.

“Oh, if leaked, it may be possible to restore the compensation for keeping silent only if all the people who know are dead except for those who are here now, including the person who leaked, and confirmation that all records are completely erased is obtained…… ” (もし漏れた場合、漏らした人と、今ここにいる人以外でそれを知った人全員が死んで、)

The room falls silent.

The audiences mutually exchange looks at each other faces.

The information will definitely leak if reported to the higher tops.

Everyone holds their own and their family’s lives dear. And, aside from a handful of intelligence specialists that are pro among pros, their bosses are just desk workers, politicians who are just people if they fail in their re-election, they will definitely jump on it. If done poorly, they might bite on for money if not themselves and their family. (下手をすると、自分や家族のため以外に、カネ目当てで食い付くかも知れない。)

And if the secret leaks out.

These guys would be fine with killing. If it’s for themselves.

Perhaps for the sake of their family too.

Everyone felt that the secret would be protected for some reason or another.

‘That way, our nation’s interests will be met by the result.’

After that, I had a meeting with the 2 countries that will be provided with samples and talk about tools such as a spinning wheel that can be introduced into Viscounty.

As expected, networking with not developed countries but small developing countries was beneficial. That said, selecting several honest small countries to invite was the right call. Rather then mostly intelligence staff, the small countries seem to have involved their diplomatic relations and ministers class personnel. The small countries are agile.

“After that, if needed, contact me via the captain, do not contact me in town, do not follow me, I will thereafter have nothing to do with the offending country and won’t talk with them either”, I outright said and adjourned.

Anyway, they’ll probably stop wandering around aimlessly with this.

Well, I don’t think that the big countries will obediently stay silent, but for now.

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30 thoughts on “44 Informal Conference 2”

  1. That was a risky move there mitsuha, but I guess you can now cure most illnesses. Let your doctor friend focus more on education and have the piece of mind that you can just warp the cancer away. Anything else I can think of would be genetic diseases or nutritional deficiencies I guess. Also wounds and psychological illnesses. Perhaps she should buy some medicine from earth?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Lol, crimea invasion… suffering from cruel experience… yeah, right
    I’m surprised that autor actually used dubious political scandals in their work, knowing how it can hit back. Nowadays people like preach for being “offended”

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  3. I’m not sure if other reader has same thought as me, but it feels like there are some holes that can be exploited from what mitsuha just said. She said “their superior”, but what if the current peoples who had the meeting with Mitsuha just now ended up as the most superior position in their country?
    Somehow I could see how Funa sensei was underestimating how shameless, cunning and ruthless the peoples who involved with their country management could be. It’s very naive IMO and I can’t help but got irked for some.

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    1. Nah, there is no way most superior would attend that meeting, there are tons of reasons “why”. And even if it is, that’s not really that scary. Mitsuha have absolute advantage, with her teleporting power, if something will be revealed, she can just cut her route and say “no” without even explaining reason, and they have nothing to prevent that.
      She said that only because it would be better that they know that this would displease her, not because she actually scared about that.

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    2. It literally says in the last line that it might not work so she knows herself that what she did is only a temporary solution that is not guaranteed to work.

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  4. So, she could choose which to teleport and which stays? I wonder if she could teleport someone’s head…. Only the head. That should be useful in battle.

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  5. Thanks for chapter

    I really think about how can she cure many disease with that ability when i first see that she can specific what to teleport

    And then the next few sentences
    There is discussion about that benefit

    Funa sensei is very good to not let these miss alot of probability in the future

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  6. OMG!!! Funa is a idiot…. (π_π)
    One of the fundamental composition of the Humane body is bacteria.
    it a bacteria that make it possible to breath.
    it bacteria that make you digest.
    How can they not die because of that and removing cancer just like that how about internal bleeding. if it a brain cancer it going to cause bleeding in the brain and blood in the brain = ICH = most of the time death.

    I hate went they do that because it become the book lose the science fiction tag and become pure fantasy.

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    1. She said “harmful bacteria”, her power is pretty much “i want to transport healthy person without any nuisance -> automatically leave out anything that wasn’t supposed to be there”. Of course, it’s not that absolute, because “normal” can be varied between worlds, and even in one world, but not that big issue in a WN that have such unscientific teleport ability. It’s still on the level when we can brush it off.
      But about bleeding – i agree with you. But well, it still can be explained, like “what if she try to teleport without hand. Will it start bleeding, or will that wound be kind of cauterized by that space power?”. The fact that there is no pain is also can be explained, cause if slice is perfect and on molecular/atomic level, it’s probably not something that human can even detect.
      So i’ll probably just recommend to explain it all by saying “it’s magic”, and don’t worry about it.

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  7. The ability to not teleport cancer cells is ludicrously op… Forget about removing the tumour, there’s a much bigger result to be had. She can remove single cancer cells regardless of their location, type or stage of development. That’s god level replacement for chemo, a single treatment would effectively replace a full chemo course and give a high likelihood of indefinite remission.co
    Asbestos in your lungs? Gone.
    Incurable virus? Gone.
    Poisons and toxins? Probably gone.
    Some tailored aftercare might be required, blood transfusions and such, but she’s got a very terrifying power there. Would be interesting to see if it works on inorganic items too… Got a bomb problem? Use teleport to remove the detonator or the explosives. I wonder if it could be used to isolate precious metals or gemstones in a teleported ore.

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  8. Uff. Puedo ver gente muriendo de sangrado interno, anemia, o con órganos incompletos y no funcionales al retirarles la parte con cáncer. Definitivamente no es una buena cura para enfermedades, pero si podría ser el arma definitiva


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